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It's tax season. Now is a great time to consider an IRA CD.

Smart Savings

You Get More When You Bank Well.
Do you have a savings goal? We can help you get started.

The Savings Account That Moves You Forward

Simply put, we’ve got two easy ways to save: Earn a steady rate of return when you open up a regular Smart Savings account, or earn a higher “relationship” savings rate when you link your Smart Savings or debit/ATM card to a Smart Checking account and perform at least one electronic or debit card transaction a month. Qualifying transactions include direct deposit or ACH debit or point of sale transactions that post and clear in the current statement cycle.**

**Statement cycles generally vary and may end on different days during the month. A statement cycle can be shorter than monthly. As examples, a statement cycle may only be a few days in length for the first statement cycle after an account is opened or when a statement date is changed to link accounts for combined statements. If you want to know the date your statement cycle ends, or for any other Account Terms or Conditions, ask a Personal Banker or call us at 877-966-1944.