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Personal Money Market Account

You Get More When You Bank Well.
Growth, flexibility and accessibility rolled into one account.

When You're in the Market for Stronger Savings

If you're creating an emergency fund or want higher rates for higher balances with anytime access to your money, Bankwell's Personal Money Market Account delivers. Your money will work harder for you.

Earn interest and make up to six withdrawals per statement period.

Avoid a $15 monthly maintenance fee with $5,000 average balance in current statement cycle.*

Tiered interest, with higher rates for higher balances:

  • Less than $15,000
  • $15,000 to less than $75,000
  • $75,000 and over

*Statement cycles generally vary and may end on different days during the month. A statement cycle can be shorter than monthly. As examples, a statement cycle may only be a few days in length for the first statement cycle after an account is opened or when a statement date is changed to link accounts for combined statements. If you want to know the date your statement cycle ends, or for any other Account Terms or Conditions, ask a Personal Banker or call us at 877-966-1944.