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You Get More When You Bank Well.
Start building a solid foundation.

At Bankwell, it’s all about Choice! We’ve created new savings options that let you earn more when you do more of your banking with us. Link your savings and/or money market and CD balances to a my Bankwell Choice checking account, and earn our highest savings and money market rates! 

  • Prime Savings

    With no monthly fee, a Prime Savings account allows you to save more money. The higher your balance, the more you earn.
  • my Bankwell Choice Savings & my Bankwell Preferred Savings

    Bonus rates kick in when you take your savings to the next level with a Choice or Choice Preferred Savings account.
  • Personal Money Market Account

    Attractive rates and easy access blend to create a smart option that offers stronger savings opportunities.
  • my Bankwell Choice Money Market & my Bankwell Preferred Money Market

    Earn bonus rates when you link to a my Bankwell Choice or Choice Preferred Checking account.
  • CDs

    Our highest savings rates are available when you keep your money invested in our CDs for a longer period of time.
  • IRAs

    Choose from Traditional and Roth IRAs to create a sound strategy that can lead to a more comfortable retirement.